Bones Super Swiss 6 Ball Skateboard Bearings

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  • Bones Super Swiss 6 Ball Bearings
  • High Performance Skateboard Bearing
  • Pre Lubricated and Precision Engineered
  • Removable Rubber Shields
  • Nylon Ball Retainer
  • Top Of The Line Construction
  • Built To Last
  • Highly Recommended From The Worlds #1 Bearing and Wheel Brand

The Bones Swiss 6 Ball Bearings are the absolute pinnacle of bearing engineering, with 6 larger high speed balls providing greater strength, much higher speeds and serious durability. Built to last and in black and blue for a rad look, if you are looking for bearings that offer the absolute optimum in performance and longevity, the Swiss 6 Ball Bearings are the ones for you. Highly recommended from Bones.